We are proud to present the Eighth St. John's Storytelling Festival - a five-day celebration of the art and tradition of storytelling. Storytellers from around the city, across the Island and the Mainland and overseas come together to share stories for listeners of all ages. Join us and see why storytelling is one of our most entertaining and enduring forms of expression. 

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Storyteller and host biographies are provided here.

2011 poster, design by Graham Blair Lineup

October 25th, Tuesday at 7:30pm
Admiralty House Museum, Mount Pearl
Workshop with the Puppetmongers
Storyboarding is a brilliant planning tool in the development of a story or idea; the basic elements are laid down, different points of view and different ways to tell the story are explored, characters emerge, subplots and asides are inserted, comic relief and romantic interest are added, the heart and essence of the story is discovered. Bring a story or idea that has meaning to you, and find out how to organise it into action and dialogue, even staging and design.
$20 pre-register at: storytellingstjohns@gmail.com

October 26th, Wednesday 3:30pm
AC Hunter Library
Pearl Ann Gooding

October 26th, Wednesday at 9:30pm
Ship Inn
Story Slam with host Christine Hennebury
Mysteries, Monsters and Moonlight
with a $150 for best story
$5 at the door

October 27th,Thursday at 2:30pm
The Rooms. Room TBA
Coffee & Culture with storyteller Pearl-Ann Gooding
Cost is included with admission to The Rooms (Adults - $7.50)

October 27th,Thursday 7pm
The Rocket Room (3rd Floor of Rocket Bakery, 272 Water St.)
Young Voices with host Ellen Power highlighting our up and coming storytellers
$5 at the door

October 27th,Thursday 9pm
The Rocket Room (3rd Floor of Rocket Bakery, 272 Water St.)
Ivan Coyote

October 28th, Friday
MMaP Gallery, 2nd Floor in the Arts & Culture Centre
Writing workshop with Ivan Coyote
Bootcamp for Procrastinators.  Have you always dreamed of writing your memoirs down but were never sure where to start? Do you have a half-finished masterpiece stuffed into the back of a desk drawer? Still stuck on that not quite fabulous first line? Enlist today. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Today. Fall in and step to as Ivan Coyote runs you through a series of exercises designed to build up your first line muscles, train yourself to capture those fleeting late night epiphanies, and practice bullying yourself into believing.
pre-register at storytellingstjohns@gmail.com

October 28th, Friday 8pm
Rocket Room (3rd Floor of Rocket Bakery, 272 Water St.)
Five Minute Friday with host Jean Hewson featuring Alice Lannon, Matthew Byrne, Ivan Coyote, Louise Moyes, Eleanor Dawson, Helen Porter, Andy Jones and others.

October 29th, Saturday 9pm
Rocket Room (3rd Floor of Rocket Bakery, 272 Water St.)
Ghost Stories with Dale Jarvis, Pearl- Ann Gooding. Ballads by Gerald and Tobias Pearson.

October 30th, Sunday 1:30pm
The Rooms
Brick Bros Circus
Guaranteed to stimulate imaginations and spark creative thinking, the Brick Bros. Circus is a complete tongue-in-cheek, miniature one-ring circus, performed by highly trained building bricks in itty bitty sequined costumes. See the acrobatic Bildovitch Family, the breathtaking Madame Brikaskova, the amazing Brick Contortionist and much, much more! Puppetmongers take the definition of puppetry to its logical extreme, with the most inanimate of objects performing in the most active form of theatre.
$5 at The Rooms

Thanks to our Generous Sponsors !

Canada Council for the Arts
Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council
The Folk Arts Society Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl
Avalon Mall The Rooms
Fishers Loft Inn by Shoe Cove A.C. Hunter Library

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