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September 30, 2020 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


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World by the Tale II

So It Happened Like This…Personal Stories hosted by Shirley Montague

Wednesday, September 30th 7:30pm NL (3:00pm PST, 6:00pm EST, 11:00pm UK)

We’ve Tales from Friends so far Away That Shorten the Divide, And Yarns that come from here at Home, with stories Far and Wide. A virtual storytelling event series featuring tellers from Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, and the world.


Our second edition of the World by the Tale series celebrates personal stories. While historic and folk tales enable us to connect across generations and appreciate cultural wisdom and traditions, personal tales connect us to one another in the present. Often humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, these storytellers paint a pictures of growing up, of relating to the land, and of precarious political climates that demand heartful engagement. Stories of love, loss, and growth shine a light on the human experience and build bridges from the personal to the universal.

We have a brilliant roster from home including storyteller Christine Hennebury, recitationist Harry Ingram, and musician and host for the evening Shirley Montague. These magnificent tellers are joined by incredible talent from away Bruce Marcus, and master storyteller Janice Curtis Greene. Don’t miss this exceptional night of tales!  


7:30pm NL (3:00pm PST, 6:00pm EST, 11:00pm UK)  


This is a free event that will be livestreamed to YouTube. Our storytellers are coming to you live from their homes (and sheds!) and the event will not be recorded.

Click here to head to our YouTube channel – 7:30pm local time on September 30th – to enjoy the tales!    

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In this unparalleled time of challenge and change, we have moved all our storytelling events online to protect our tellers and audiences. As such, we have opted to make all our events free to attend.

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Janice Curtis Greene

Janice Greene is an award-winning Master Storyteller and author, an American Griot.  She has been telling African, African American and Multicultural stories for over 25 years.  She is President and Life Member of the National Association of Black Storytellers (NABS) and Past President and Life Member of the Griots’ Circle of Maryland, Inc.   Mrs. Greene also serves as a Commissioner on the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture.

Janice Curtis Greene has delighted adult and student audiences nationally and internationally.   Janice mesmerizes her audiences with folktales, historical, motivational and healing stories and Bible Stories set to syncopated Rap rhythms.

Mrs. Greene has won numerous awards including Zeta Phi Beta Sorority’s 2015 Woman of the Year in Cultural Arts and Harriet Tubman Lifetime Achievement Awards.  She lives in Windsor Mill, MD with her husband of 46 years.

Mrs. Greene can be contacted via her web-site:



Christine Hennebury

My storytelling career began at age 3 when I earnestly explained to my parents, while holding an empty bottle, that I had not spilled my bubbles on the couch. Understandably, they didn’t believe that the wet couch was the result of water shooting out of their daughter’s nose but I firmly believe that my stories have become more convincing since then.

I like to tell a huge variety of stories, including myths, family stories, folk tales and stuff I made up, and my topics range from the story of Sekhmet, an avenging Egyptian goddess, to the story of the time that my Dad tricked my uncle out of a hotdog.

When I’m not telling stories aloud, you can find me writing, performing in interactive mystery games, encouraging other people to write or create, or leading the Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl. I’m also a proud member of the national board for the Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada.



Harry Ingram

Recitations have always been a core element of Harry’s upbringing. He primarily performs his own original material which tends to focus on the funny side of everyday life. Harry also places great importance on keeping alive the works of those who have gone before him such as Leo O’Brien, John Joe English and Baxter Wareham. He’s also known to appear alongside Dave Paddon, Dave Penny, and Hubert Furey as part of the popular “From Stage to Stage” recitation group, and alongside Ken Parsons in their monthly event The Liars Bench.



A close up image of Bruce Marcus at a microphone. He is wearing a black t-shirt and glasses, and is gesticulating with his hands.

Bruce Marcus

Bruce Marcus is a storyteller from Boston, Massachusetts who has been regaling audiences throughout New England for three decades with his fresh-as-mint, original true-life and made-up stories, poems and songs.  Equally comfortable in rhyme and out, he is a story slam winner and seasoned emcee.  Bruce has been featured in many spoken word, coffeehouse, cable TV and other performing arts series, as well as at a number of festivals and on PBS World Channel’s Stories from the Stage. Called “My son!” by late storytelling legend Brother Blue – loudly, publicly, emphatically and often – Bruce serves as committee member, feature coordinator and frequent host for the long-running weekly Boston area storytelling series started in 1992 by Brother Blue and his wife Ruth Edmonds Hill, now known as The Story Space.



Shirley Montague

Originally from Labrador, and having resided in Norris Point/Gros Morne for most of her life, it is no wonder that  Shirley’s writings are filled with nature’s imagery.  Through recordings and  performances, she has reached into the hearts and homes of many.  Her songs are stories in and of themselves. Her song introductions take the audience on a path of musical adventure that includes culture, history, landscape and more.

Shirley is the founder of the annual Trails Tales Tunes Festival and she continues to be  very involved in the growing arts and culture scene in the Gros Morne region.  She still makes time for performing, and particularly enjoys making music with others.