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Home Out of It: Tonic Tales for Troubled Times

A podcast compendium of tales from NL


In the mid 1300s Giovanni Boccacio penned The Decameron: a collection of 100 stories of love, tragedy, wit and guile, set in Italy against the scourge of the Bubonic Plague. Boccacio weaves a tale of ten individuals fleeing the plague, sequestered away for a fortnight. Each agrees to tell one story a night for ten nights, thus producing this collection of 100 tales.

Now, in 2021, against the backdrop of the novel Coronavirus, St. John’s Storytelling seeks to compile our own version: Home Out Of It – Tonic Tales for Troubled Times. This “Newfoundland and Labrador Decameron” will include tales from across the island and the Big Land that chronicle the unique and brilliant makeup of our province; stories that have lived here for thousands of years and stories that have traveled newly across land and sea, all of which make up the beautiful mosaic of this place.

Hosted by award-winning audio documentarist Chris Brookes, the NL Decameron Part 1 will feature 30 – 50 stories in a podcast format, to be released in summer of 2021

Have a story? Know someone who does? We encourage you to record a snippet and submit it to us at storytellingstjohns@gmail.com !


All types of stories are welcome! Anyone from our province, who is currently living here, or who has a strong connection to Newfoundland and Labrador can submit stories. We want this project to be as expansive and rich as our communities are, featuring stories from seniors, and folks who self-identify as Indigenous, persons with disabilities, 2SLGBTQIA+, and newcomers. You do not need to be a professional storyteller to submit!

Your tales do not need to be about Covid-times. They can be Personal Stories, Myths, Legends, Folk Tales, Fairy Tales; things you have written or stories you have inherited.

Ballads, recitations, short and long stories (up to 15 minutes) are welcomed!


Send us a short recording of 1 – 2 minutes of your story (or stories).

And tell us a bit about yourself and why you’re sharing this story – where did you hear it? What does it mean to you? You can share this in your audio recording or in an e-mail.

Unsure how to go about making your recording? We can help!

Just send us an e-mail to storytellingstjohns@gmail.com with the subject Decameron Recording Assistance


Submissions Due:            June 6th, 2021 at 11:59 pm

Length of stories:            0 – 15 minutes. Some stories are short – so short you can tell them in a single phrase! Some are longer, and those are great! Your story/stories can be up to 15 minutes in length.

Final format:                    Podcast

Release dates:                 September – October, 2021

Fees & Licensing:            Professional and licensing fees will be paid for all stories included in the collection.

Send your submission to storytellingstjohns@gmail.com