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World by the Tale IV: Lands of Legends

Wednesday, November 25th 7:30 pm NDT (3:00pm PST, 6:00pm EST, 10:00pm UK) Free | Live on YouTube! We’ve Tales from Friends so far Away That Shorten the Divide, And Yarns that come from here at Home, with stories Far and Wide. A virtual storytelling event series featuring tellers from Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, and the world. This special edition of World by the Tale is taking place in conjunction with Canadian Storytelling Day! ——– In our final edition of the World by the Tale series we wander through Lands of Legends. Join a compelling cast of characters as we tiptoe the Giant’s Causeway, journey across the Big Land, and stride amongst the stars. Delightful deceptions, matches made in the heavens, and journeys of unimaginable length give us a glimpse at the value of wit, resilience, love, and connection. Award-winning audio documentarist and storyteller Chris Brookes will be our host for the evening, joined by NL storytellers Fergus O’Byrne and Stan Nochasak, YT storyteller Louise Profeit-LeBlanc, and UK teller Jason Buck. ——–


Tune in to our YouTube channel at 7:30 local time on Wednesday, November 25th to enjoy the tales. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and you’ll receive a notification when the event begins!


Chris Brookes (host)

Chris Brookes is an author, storyteller and independent audio producer who has crafted audio documentaries professionally for three decades. They have won over forty international awards including the Peabody Award and the Prix Italia, and have been broadcast around the world. He has been named an International Audio Luminary by the 3rd Coast International Audio Festival, is inducted to the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Hall of Fame, holds an honorary doctorate from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and is a recipient of the Order of Canada. Currently he creates smartphone apps which place stories into the landscape of Newfoundland communities. He is obsessed with narrative, and keeps telling stories in hopes of someday getting them right.

Jason Buck

Drawing on traditional favourites and exploring new ideas, Jason’s stories are told in the oldest and best way – as live performance, for modern audiences. He has performed live across the UK and mainland Europe, as well as providing regular sessions online, reaching across the globe blending traditional and contemporary styles, vocal sound effects, physicality, and pure, unadulterated fantasy. Jason has performed for most of his adult life across a wide variety of genres, including cabaret, theatre and comedy, but his passion lies in stories – ‘there’s nothing like getting lost in a story, the pictures in your head are better than film’.

Stan Nochasak

Stan Nochasak is Inuit originally from Nain, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), Nunatsiavut (“Our Beautiful Land,” in Inuktitut), Nunatsiavut which is the name of their NL Government.  He is enrolled in the Faculty of Education of Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), studying to be an Elementary Teacher in a special, five year programme titled, “Native & Northern,” (currently on hiatus).  Stan is a visual artist in drawing, painting (realistic and abstract), writing, poetry, storytelling, photography, acting, motivational speaking, dancing and traditional Inuit Drum Dancing.  He is a proud son of parents Paul and Eva, brother of seven (7) siblings, and an Uncle of 21 nieces and nephews, & Step Uncle of nine (9). “I will always be a proud Inuk from Nunatsiavut.” ~ Stan Nochasak

Fergus O’Byrne

Fergus O’Byrne, from Dublin, Ireland is widely acclaimed for his musical legacy, as a member of the renowned folk band Ryan’s Fancy, Tickle Harbour, his long-time partnership as a duo with Jim Payne, his appearances with his son Fergus Brown-O’Byrne and as a solo artist. He proudly celebrates the songs and stories of his adopted province, Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Ireland, England, Scotland and the Maritimes in his performances. He has received many awards acknowledging his contribution to folk music including an ECMA Lifetime Achievement Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Folk Arts Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, and an NLAC Arts in Education award. Besides touring nationally and internationally, he works extensively mentoring young folk music enthusiasts and students throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Louise Profeit-LeBlanc

Louise is a member of the Nacho N’yak Dun First Nation of Mayo, in Northeastern Yukon. She is a mother, grandmother and a Story-Keeper. She presently lives in unceded Algonquin territory, in Wakefield, Quebec with her husband Bob. Louise comes from a long line of traditional storytellers and her repertoire consists of her own personal stories and more specifically ancient stories relative to her homeland, the Yukon. These stories depict how the land was made, how her people lived and survived for thousands of years. Many of these stories refer to how everything in nature, exists in balance but more importantly depict morals and teachings how we all can learn to live harmoniously with each other, while caring for the land, the water and all living things. She is grateful of the privilege of having been passed down these stories by her Elders and honoured to be able to share them with all generations and people of all backgrounds, for the last 40 years. Louise has travelled extensively sharing these stories at many International venues, Storytelling festivals, universities and colleges. She also has provided storytelling workshops, using examples of stories to inform the audience of the importance of oral tradition for the healing of all the nations. A visual textile artist, poet and short story writer Louise continues to demonstrate the necessity of utilizing the power of art and story, to heal, educate and provide opportunities for others to express their culture, strength and resilience through the arts. Louise volunteers her time serving in many capacities and sharing Traditional knowledge with children and mothers at schools and community centres. She also provides storytelling workshops and is a member of the Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada and the Ottawa Storytellers. For the last few months she has had the privilege of mentoring two young storytellers at the Odawa Friendship Centre in Ottawa. Louise is on the board for the “Bearing Witness Canada” chapter for her region. This board has been established to assist in educating the public about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report. To that affect, Louise has also offered an online workshop entitled “Seven Valleys Towards Reconciliation” for the organization to commemorate National Indigenous Day. Louise believes  strongly that “the purpose of justice is for the appearance of unity” amongst all peoples.